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Old Western Town

Hope In The Wild West deepens people's understanding of the American West and their role in it by exploring unfamiliar, remote worlds and by touring the complex, inner lives of its mountain men, hoarders, sheriffs, farmers, ranchers, forest ecologists, animal rescuers, and more.


Set in lingering Wild West places, this gorgeous docu-series lets audiences traverse America's remarkable, remote places and explore its complex and contentious nature, animal and land-use issues.


While we witness those forging a truce in the war against the innocent, each episode promises to be as funny, awe-inspiring and visually stunning, as it is intense.


In the American West we are at converging environmental and climate crises. Our iconoclastic pioneers share harrowing and heartwarming stories that reveal a connectedness between people and nature—and help narrow the gap. Even with odds stacked high against them, our rural renegades inspire a culture of compassion where every life is valued.


St. Augustine said “Hope has two ingredients: Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and the courage to make a change”. To that end, we offer Hope In The Wild West.

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In 2013, many moons ago Phyllis Stuart launched Enthuse TV a division of Light Productions. Stuart loves the word enthuse which means filled with spirit. A slave to storytelling, her creations aim to conjure enthusiasm, enjoyment, interest and approval. No pressure.

Hope In The Wild West is the first rowdy, reality series for Enthuse TV,  a film and television production company based a short mile from the Venice Beach, California shores.


During the dreaded movie theater shut down, Stuart shared her Oscar-eligible film WILD DAZEher fourth documentary feature, at a novel popup drive-in. Stuart created this labor of love to help stem the African ecocide and to advance biodiversity conservation. To this day, Wild Daze streams across North American screens, big and small, in your hand or on the wall. Using art, media and advocacy Stuart produced (and created) The Women's Image Awards, 50 Years Of Funny Females, I Think Cannes and Bert Stern: Original Madman. A longtime animal activist, Stuart is created the benefit concert A Beastly Music Series: Concert 4 Critters to help participating animal NGOs.

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Cecilia DeMille Presley has long fulfilled the film preservation goals of her grandfather, Cecil B. DeMille. Cece is known for her many philanthropic and animal welfare endeavors having been a long time benefactor to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Her other interests include supporting children's causes and animal welfare and is involved with World Society for the Protection of Animals and serves on the Advisory Board of Red Bucket Equine Rescue. A trustee of the Cecil B. DeMille Foundation, Cece is a General Partner of the Motion Picture Associates, LLC and Vice President of Presley Petroleum. Cece also serves on the Board of Councilors of the UCLA Foundation, and on the Board of Trustees for Chapman University School of Film & Cinema Association, the American Film Institute, Defense Orientation Conference, The Film Foundation, UCLA School of Film & Television and is the Vice Chairman of National Film Preservation Foundation.

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